Sunday, August 25, 2019

Reasearch Article Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Reasearch Article - Essay Example Deaf children have special needs and they have to be educated with extra care and effort. It is usually observed that children with hearing impairment have major problem in phoneme production, syntax and vocabulary. The need of such children always varies according to the defect they have in their sensory organs and therefore educational activities has to be tailored according to it. It has been proved that inclusive classrooms are very beneficial to deaf children as it gives them better exposure. The article really emphasize on how non verbal communication play a vital role in the language development of these kids. The communication procedure and teaching strategies of the educational process of deaf children is the main subject of the article The article pin points those children with hearing impairment come three year later in studies than normal children. Research was practiced to prove the success of three methods of communication used in the education of deaf children. They are lip-reading, lip-reading and finger spelling, and lip-reading, finger spelling and signing. However, Lip-reading, finger spelling, and signing seems to be more effective to these students. This form of communication has shown eighty – six percent of success rate. The sign language is thus shown to increase the learning ability of the deaf kids. However Inclusive classrooms can have negative effect as the teacher uses more than one method to communicate to pupil. If the teacher uses both communication styles simultaneously children can be left in doubtful situation. The students who are hearing are less benefited from this kind of teaching as they are less delivered with information while teacher use sign language. Inclusive language has its merits and demerits as sign language benefit the deaf and can enhance their phonetic aspect while strong vocabulary use can confuse the student with hearing ability. the deaf

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