Saturday, August 24, 2019

Evaluation of your learning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Evaluation of your learning - Essay Example The drive to establish student self-worth is a part of the hidden curriculum within the Lifelong Learning Curriculum. The hidden curriculum is characterized by its intention to unconsciously include learning experiences into the overt curriculum. The hidden curriculum aspires to help students acquire social values and skills (Cornbleth 1990, 50). Another significant feature of the Lifelong Learning curriculum is that the students acquire a â€Å"relevant range and high quality groundwork of knowledge and skills† that are conducive to preparation for the workforce, the maintenance of good interpersonal relations and for sustaining a life replete with creativity and imagination (Chapman and Aspin 1997, 76). Ultimately, the Lifelong Learning curriculum seeks to ensure that education and training are arranged so as to meet the wider societal need of producing workers who can become engaged in the world’s labour market in a competitive manner (Chapman and Aspin 1997, 76). The Lifelong Learning curriculum makes provision for student learning assessment. By taking this approach students take on responsibilities for managing their learning. They are encouraged to state their objectives and to periodically assess and have their progress toward those goals assessed. Ultimately, this approach not only improve the student’s learning, but also contributes to it (Wankel and DeFillippi 2008, 157). Cumulatively, the Lifelong Learning Curriculum is designed to ensure that teaching focuses on student learning. The focus is on learning so that students gain attitudes and skills necessary to learn for themselves in both during education and after completing their education. The Lifelong Learning curriculum takes an approach that reflects a recognition that learning takes place in a number of different contexts in both academic and non-academic constructs as well as in the community, employment and at home. In this regard, the Lifelong

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