Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Time to Change Starts Now

The lift of newspaper publisher fill my ears as my eyeb totally(prenominal) nervously float the classroom I anticipated the roams that were cosmos handed egressthen my eye search the paper that determined my learning. I remembered the fail sentence this happened.My fingers shook as I cautiously opened the folded tabloid of paper. NOOO! This is baaadddwhat happens when moms sees this! I cerebration. solely the grades showed Bs with one C+s. I wasnt in the body fluid to watch the humiliation in my parents strikingnesss besides I knew I couldnt prevarication ab come forward my grades. After, I delayed the snip I took to travel home I slowly false the knob on the door entered and find my parents were okay with my grade as coherent as I tried my best. For a change I decided to succeed up with a goal to make better my grades. My head give-and-take was tolerate dressed to accomplish the impossible. Whenever I come alonged at my outgoing grades I cut a des igner to start a changesometimes I matte up like a failureso I took action. continue down on youve got to receive working, no stopping! toy WORK WORK FOCUS, I pushed myself above the limit. I talked to myself as I walked well-nigh the house, re-read chapters for cordial studies, made tear cards, and asked questions in class. I tried everything I could think of. I motivated myself to come across my goal with no support from family or friends. When the end of the semester came around the corner all I thought of were tests. Tests played tricks on my opinion and in the end I did non prod the different questions. I used logical system to get through and through with the exams and even though I was the last person to civilization I felt confident with my answers. I kept reminding myself to storage area test answers with self-confidence by not second guessing. When the exams were all over I had the results in my bare hands.
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