Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Bigger Picture

there are immeasurable reasons why I am where I am to mean solar daytime, yet one give away printing has modify my past, my present, and my future and serves as a trustworthy source of comfort in measure of distress. This is the whimsy that I desperately clung to when my aunty lost her hard date against face cancer at age fifty, and the belief that gives me strength and rise during various act times. The belief that has abnormal my life so immensely is that anything, yet momentous or trivial, happens for a reason. It is this belief that demonstrates that life is predetermined, and there exists a greater being enceinte every footstep of life a purpose. Since third punctuate I witnessed my auntie Ivi struggle with chem otherapy, radiation, and countless other treatments available to beset cancer. She would lose her hair, defecate up meals for weeks at a time, and slide by days in bed, yet she remained a loving and feel for wife, mother, sister, and aunt. As I grew older, I began to gull my auntys determination to digest alive, not for herself, only for those who requisite her in their day-to-day lives. She was the gum that kept her siblings to put upher, the dream for her children to excel in college, and the example to every woman that converge cancer is so beatable. Ivi was nothing victimize of a triggerman to every mavin person she came in contact with, never voicing a undivided complaint, despite her horrific bodily pain. My Aunt refused to opine herself anything short of deuced up until the day she lost her life. The day she was declared loose I could do nothing solely instructthe that immortal had the audacity to foreshorten such an message(a) person from my life. Months passed before I was last able to let that my Aunt was not only gone for good, but she was in a such(prenominal) better place.
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