Thursday, February 20, 2020

Assignement Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Assignement - Assignment Example Test of Written English, The Cambridge Certificate and the Diploma of English Studies, and the FSI Oral Interview Test. In order to prepare the students for these tests, we must make sure to prepare them by providing them with mock tests in the areas of pscychometric, linguistic, integrative, and communicative tests. The psychometric tests can be done using the Educational Testing Service practice psychometric standards. As teachers, the practice tests that we administer using their guidelines determines the competence of the student in relation to his grasp of the English language and its practical uses. The standardized test allows students to take the test based upon their level of expertise in the language by allowing them to modify and edit their answers. On the other hand, the integrative tests have been proven to test merely the surface knowledge of the student. This can be done using an oral interview method or composition testing which is done via essay writing. Even though dictation is also considered an integrative test, it has proven to be inconclusive in its results since listening skills vary from learner to learner. Teachers will most definitely be inclined to test the students using these formal assesment types but, they also have the option to informally test the students in the form of an oral interview. These oral interviews will not provide the same overview of the student's skills that the formal tests provide but it will give the teacher an idea as to the degree of learning that the student has actually acquired and retained from the lessons. Each of the testing types can be administered to the students depending upon their level of learning or difficulty in following the lesson. In formal schools, the more formal testing methods suggested by the Education Testing Service decides the learning accomplishment of the students since they have more time for practice runs. It is important to note however, that informal testing via oral response tests will also function in the same capacity should the teacher not have enough materials to back up the multiple testing methods of ETS. Of course testing results will vary for the EFL/ESL elementary and high school learners. That is because their mental capity and development in terms of ELLs, such as speaking, listening, and writing, vary with the intellectual maturity that the students are developing. An educator cannot expect a child of 8 to be able to carry on a conversation with an adult at the level of a high school student / English speaker. That is why the tests that are given to the elementary and high schools students of EFL/ESL are as different as night and day. The elementary student's interests, verbal, and written capacities are limited by his age and exposure to life, including his degree of practice in the English language so therefore, he cannot be tested and judged at the same level as a high school student. A high school student on the other hand is assumed to have been studying English far longer and already has an established foundation for the ELLs that will allow him to perform at a higher level than his elementary counterpart. Most EFL/ESL teachers these days fail to properly test their students and rely mostly on the practice tests because it is easier for them to test students from the textbook

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