Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Social Behavior Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Social Behavior - Essay Example 1 Age can affect the social behaviors of an individual. People of the same age group interact more freely than people of different age groups. Mostly they are found in the same social places such as school and social halls. They are also likely to behave in a similar way. This is because they have similar experiences at particular times and they have little to be ashamed of. In contrast, in a situation whereby a person is placed in the midst of people of a different age group, He/she may be unsociable and very uncomfortable as they may be having different interests and not much in common. It becomes very hard for such individuals to cope socially in an environment that does not favor them. Different people are of different economic status. This also determines an individual's social behavior. The various social classes will include the rich, the poor and the middle class, research has proved that on average individuals feel more comfortable and therefore more sociable while in put on the same environment with people of their social economic level. People of similar economic status have similar social behaviors. Usually, they attend the same social places such as schools. In this way, they are able to interact freely as there is no economic gap between them. Social economic status affect the level and quality of education People with high social economic power have a prestigious way of living and have high self-esteems and those with low social economic power have low self-esteems due to their poor way of living. This causes a gap between these two classes of people and hence makes it difficult for them to socialize. (Klemke, Hollinger and Kline, 1980) Different educational levels affect people's social behaviors. They reinforce social classes in the society. People of the same educational backgrounds are likely to interact freely. This is because they are usually found in the same social places including schools. They are also able to communicate effectively with each other. On the contrary, people of different educational levels may not be in positions to interact freely. There may be communication barriers. (Berger and Luckmann, 1966) Moreover, individuals of low Educational levels lack social acceptance and may face rejection in a society where most people are of high educational level. This may affect their self-esteems rendering it difficult for them to socialize.People's social behaviors are affected while in different ethnic groups and races. When they are in their own ethnic groups or races most people are very sociable. This is mainly enabled by their similarity in language, culture and customs. They are able to communicate freely with each other. On the other hand, if one is placed in an ethnic group that he/she does not belong to, one is likely to encounter problems and may not be in a position to socialize freely. Barriers such as language, tribalism or even racism are likely to be encountered. However, in due time an individual's behavior is likely to be assimilated, and he/she may end up aping a new style of living and may even end up with learning new languages. When a group of people abides to a particular religion, they are able to relate freely with ea

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