Thursday, October 17, 2019

Leadership in Organizations Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Leadership in Organizations - Research Paper Example Except for this, other genera traits of a leader are strong determination, self confidence, and being a good listener; listening is an important part of leadership, if one of the followers has a query or has doubts regarding the leader's chosen path, the leader must also listen to and analyze the situation from that particular follower's perspective, otherwise he/she may lose all their support. Leadership for Non profit organizations is deemed quite simpler as compared to applying leadership theories within an organization of which's sole motive is to make profits as Non profit organizations deal more with values, ethical implications and morals. But that does not necessarily mean that profit making or profit motivated organizations do not encompass these traits, most profit making organizations do. The only difference being, some are more concerned about 'their people' rather than money and some operate on a vice versa basis. And of course, for a non profit organization to perform effectively, it does need the same zeal and motivation for the employees from the leader as in a profit organization, but here the leader needs to take care of one more important aspect, and this is the fact that the employees or colleagues are also self driven to do this job or because they 'want' to do this for the benefit of a third party 'without' expecting anything in return from it, and thus these people should be treated as respectfully as their duty demands. The following leadership styles were found to be effective whilst leading within a non profit organization: Functional Leadership Functional leadership must be denoted as an imperative leadership theory for non profit organizations because of its weight-age towards 'what the leader gives''. This is a simple tic for tac theory through which the leader shall receive support only once he has been proven worthy of support by providing support to his / her junior colleagues. A simple graph to show the relevance of subjects and work has been denoted within the following chart: Figure 1: Functional Leadership Functional leadership is all about working together as a team, and no one authority is strong enough to make

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