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Ethical Dilemmas Managers Face Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Ethical Dilemmas Managers Face - Research Paper Example Thereby it helps to take the decisions by maintaining the ethical point of view. Employees of an organization may have varied responses towards the most ethically appropriate or inappropriate action for a particular situation. In such cases managers of the organizations often face with problems to identify what is right and what is wrong. And to add to that they also sometime gets ragged between qualms and their duties towards the organizations. Even sometimes when the managers feel that something is unethical they want to take a stand on that but prevent themselves by the fear of losing their job (Lane & Daft, 2009, p.130). Ethical standards are always not codified therefore divergences and dilemmas often occurs about the correct behavior. Principally Ethical dilemmas occur in a situation which is concerned about the correct and incorrect, when moral values and principles are in conflict. The reason for existence of these dilemmas occurs because every time acknowledgement of right a nd wrong cannot be done evidently. The report will highlight on the areas such as the ethical dilemmas faced by manages of organizations. The report is also principally focused to highlight the approaches by which ethical behavior can be evaluated. In order to this the report will also explain the concepts of utilitarian, individualism, moral-rights, and justice approaches. And at the end of it all the report will try to put a conclusion on how these ethical dilemmas can be overpowered. The approach for dealing with conflict situation and overcome the same will be studied in this report. It will also highlight the advantages of ethical behavior for the organization. Ethical dilemmas faced by managers In the everyday operations, almost all managers of different field are faced with some principled and ethical dilemmas. Ethical dilemmas can arise due to many reasons. Efforts made by the management to achieve the organizational objectives may clash with employee’s endeavor of fu lfilling their personal goals. There can be a conflict of interest where an action promoting or benefitting one group has all the likelihood to harm another group. As such, there can be a violation of honesty and integrity which may lead to conflict and one example for this could be the misuse of internet in office. There might be a clash between loyalty and truth. This happens when reality about the company does not seem approving and individuals have to choose between honesty and loyalty. (Boone, & Kurtz, 2011, p. 41-42). Ethical dilemmas are a situation that occurs when the state of affairs demands an individual or a group to choose between several options that might be right or wrong. It is a situation in which two or more options get equally strong support. For example a manger might be faced with a situation when they have to choose between reductions in salaries of local staff versus outsourcing of functions. Another typical example could be the case of the hiring manager who is face with a situation when asked to choose between a qualified female candidate and a disabled person who is equally qualified. In such situations chances of making decision that are absolutely correct is very low. Also managers have to make decisions starting from hiring of the employee till the termination and they are faced with unusual ethical dilemmas at all stages (Morally right, n.d.). Managers are entrusted with the duty of

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