Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Digital Television essays

Digital Television essays The technology monster is growing faster and faster everyday. Not even the people who create the newest gadgets can keep up with the exponential growth. For example, I bought an Apple G4 duel processor computer over the summer, at the time, it was the best factory consumer computer you could buy. I enjoyed my computer for five whole weeks until I was reading through a magazine and saw Apples announcement to release their new G5 model, the fastest computer on the market. Now this didnt make my computer obsolete, mine was still a great, but it just goes to show the never-ending process of technology continues to get bigger and better. This is the case with the emerging trend of digital technology. I believe the future of digital TV lies in Interactive Digital Television. Interactive Television is the combination of the Internet with TV. This involves responsive, user-controlled elements to the traditional broadcast video and audio signals. Imagine a device that would allow you not just to watch TV, but also to interact with it. You could watch whatever you wanted, skip the commercials, stop for a minute and check your e-mail, chat with some friends, change your mind about what movie youre watching and completely pick something new to watch. The idea would be an ideal machine that would allow you to do watch or find whatever you wanted to whenever you wanted to. The concept of a device like this is not far away. Many digital systems are available such as Divo TV that are bridging a way for us to soon have a portable interactive multimedia system in which we could quite possible do anything we want to do in the digital world. In the digital TV era, advances are being made to improve consumers needs and wants. The analog Video Cassette Recorder is in danger of being completely replace with digital storage units including RAM, caches, hard disks, and recordable optical discs. Such a device would theo...

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