Wednesday, October 30, 2019

An evaluation of dramatised advertising as used in Lan Chocolate Essay

An evaluation of dramatised advertising as used in Lan Chocolate - Essay Example Individuals and organizations in their purpose to promote goods, services, ideas, people, and issues use advertising . In light of this, Coca-Cola used a public-relations driven campaign in relaunching its Sprite brand through a fifty-city sampling tour. This is an illustration of how important advertising is in reaching far places and peoples and integrating them into one consuming populace.The advertising function may be equated to the creation and management of product imagery, which is the establishment of the set of meanings and associations that serve to differentiate a product or service (Reynolds and Gutman, 1984). Hence, one must consider defining and operationalising image in order to move beyond the basic posture that brand images add value to products. Image, as employed in advertisements, may be described as general characteristics, feelings, or impressions, product perception, beliefs and attitudes, brand personality, and linkages between characteristics and feelings/em otions.The importance of advertising is seen in the outcomes it produces for many products and organizations. It continues to be an indispensable necessity for product branding and marketing campaign. Effectiveness through consistency of the product and how far the advertising schemes have reached people and places determine the popularity of the product, usually resulting in good sales, good product perception, and consistent patronization. This is why all forms of mass media must be utilized by product owners in advertising their products. Different kinds of practical promotional plans must also be adopted in ensuring this. Dramatisation is one promotional plan that is proven both effective and attention grabbing. That is why many advertisers think of a sure-fire way to adopt a dramatised concept in their advertisements. This paper intends to evaluate this promotional strategy of the LAN chocolate. The purpose for such evaluation is to improve the advertisement in order that the chocolate will rake more sales, popularity, and profitability. An Evaluation of Dramatisation as Used in Advertising the LAN Chocolate Television ads are classified as either arguments or drama, or hybrids of these forms, influencing greatly how advertisements are processed (Deighton, et al., 1989). Appeal to objectivity is what is backed up by arguments, often evaluatively processed, while dramatisation appeals more to subjective criteria and is emphatically processed. When the drama is successful, the audience tends to be 'lost' in the story, emphatically experiencing the feelings and concerns of the characters (Deighton, et al., 1989). Dramatisation may serve as a transition between what the maker wants to say about his product and what the consumer intends to read about it (Sloan and Mooney, 2007). The focus of this form of advertising is to establish an identity and winning the public over to the product's point of view. Dramatisation s designed to create a favorable image for a certain product, which in this case is the LAN chocolate. The dramatization of the LAN chocolate is conceptualised this way: "Two men enter a grocery store for some shopping stuff. There were also two girls doing some shopping. One of the girls caught the attention of one of the guys, but she isn't interested. Just then, he looks at the chocolate LAN and thinks of giving it to her as a gift. She, out of coincidence, also buys the same chocolate. This reinforces the guy's confidence and gives the LAN

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