Friday, September 27, 2019

Sustainability Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Sustainability - Essay Example The new millennium, however subjects sustainability to risks owing to its virility in population and economic growth, in addition to a shrinking supply of natural resources. These have raised an alarm, warning that some changes need to be effected if survival has two guaranteed, and changes which reflect mostly on human behavior. The following study text will develop around the current lifestyle and how it affects sustainability, plus what changes need to be inflicted for it to remain effective and preserved for the future. Contemporary lifestyles are against sustainability. According to â€Å"Sustainable Lifestyles† (10), these lifestyles are producing too much of what is unwanted while hurting the environment and impacting negatively on human living in all aspects. The first context affected is the usage of natural resources which is overwhelming in that water consumption, energy consumption, and raw materials for producing human necessities are drawn from it. This translates to decreasing water and vegetation cover volumes, and sustainability is weakening. Again with the improving economic abilities of people, the number of automobiles on the globe’s roads is approximated at 750 million, which together with the industries dump billions of carbon emissions into the atmosphere, causing extensive damage to the ozone layer. The third factor of concern is the eating habits wherein the globe has turned down healthy eating and taken to unhealthy eating habits which are causing harm to their o wn lives. Unhealthy eating causes health complications such as obesity, which is a leading health disorder today. Worse still, they increase the chances of one contracting Coronary heart diseases, and these affect people who often consume fatty foods or are smokers. In addition to other factors such as lack of exercise and increasing technology, these elements subject sustainability to danger. Whereas the above

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