Thursday, September 19, 2019

Jewish history :: essays research papers

1. If I was Jewish and I were to capture a German soldier, the first thing I would do is beat insensibly until I know he won’t fight back. Second, I would find out where he is stationed at, get all his identification, learn all I can about him and take his uniform and everything else he has. I know he won’t just start spitting information out, so we will do alittle torturing till he wishes he dies. Then, after he tells us the information, I will go done to his station and find out more on their plans. So will be like a Jewish spy. These actions will affect me, and my family because I am trying to do anything for our family to be safe. Because if they discover me, the will immediately kill me. 2. If I was in that position I will do everything I can for them to take me. I would even risk my life for them to leave my daughters alone. I would fight with them to get them mad, and hate me even more. Then they will change their minds and take me. My actions would affect my kids, my daughters, and especially me. While I’m fighting with them, they could just kill me right there. 3. What I would do is take that box, hide it for a while because I know the Germans will find out. So when they forget about it, I’ll sneak it out and take as much as I can for my family and I. Then I will give the rest to a family that indeed they need the food. The actions won’t affect no one unless they find out, the food will be nutritious for us, for our health and especially for our lives. 4. As soon as I hear about those laws, the first thing I would do is leave the country with my family. So in this case I would avoid any and every conflict I could have. It wouldn’t be nothing serious only that my family and I would finally be safe.

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