Monday, September 9, 2019

Eating meat and fish vecessarily involves cruelty to other living Essay

Eating meat and fish vecessarily involves cruelty to other living creatures. Vegetarianism should be made compulsory - Essay Example People that follow such diet are referred as vegetarians, and are found mostly in Asian countries that are dominated by Buddhism and Hinduism religions that assert humans to live on a plant-based diet. (Portmess, 2001) A number of variations have been observed in the abovementioned dietary practice, in terms of exclusion or inclusion of poultry items. It is observed that a minority group of vegetarians, animal lovers, and religious experts has asserted the fact that an omnivorous diet is a symbolic way of showing cruelty to animals. Such a notion has been contradicted by a multitude of observable facts that will be discussed in this paper. It is observed that such a notion has been influenced by a number of ethical, emotional, and religious factors, rather than scientific or rational reasons. In this regard, such statement cannot be scrutinized through rational understanding. Still, it is observed that some animals that produce meat are sacred in some religions, and societies following such religions consider meat-related products as an act against the word of God. (Fox, 1999) Such a statement can be contradicted by the analysis of human body that is created according to the requirements of a meat-based diet. Digestive system of the human body is very effective in terms of digesting meat-based, as well as, vegetable-based diet, and therefore, it would be ridiculous to say that eating meat-based diet is against the word of God. Moreover, natural ecosystem is one of the major examples that oppose the abovementioned statement. It is the rule of nature that stronger ones kill and eat weaker ones, and it is very essential for the continuity of animal kingdom. In this regard, if the vegetarianism will be made compulsory, survival will become one of the problems of human beings, as animal population will multiply and be ten times greater than the human population. (Spencer, 2004) Statement of vegetarians is supported by

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