Wednesday, August 28, 2019


HOW HAS TECHNOLOGY CHANGED THE COMMUNICATIONS PROCESS HAS TECHNOLOGY CHANGED THE WAY PEOPLE COMMUNICATE IN BUSINESS PROVIDE EXAMPLE - Essay Example Technology is still evolving and the communication process is moving towards the digital world. Technology has brought the greatest changes to the business communication (Guffey, Mary E, and Dana Loewy. 2010) Business communications plays an important role when it comes to the organizational strengths. Technology has made the communication process in business organizations more transparent and in many businesses the secret behind their success is their communication within the organization. The more interactive and clear communication is the more it is good for the organization and its employees. In business organizations transparency in communication process has been achieved through developing intranets and extranets. For example organizations have moved from memos and letters to electronic mails and videoconferences. Technology has reduced the time significantly that is taken for the communication process to take place. Technology has also led to the decrease in noise that causes distraction in the communication process (Guffey, Mary E, and Dana Loewy. 2010) It has led to more simple and straightforward messages. A technology oriented communication process keeps the employees involved and allows the business activities to take place at a faster

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