Saturday, August 10, 2019

English 102 Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

English 102 - Research Paper Example The principles that underline the seriousness of this problem include blocks like sexual activity, universal sex education, and the availability of contraceptive options. The prime and the most pondered upon issue which is being spread like fire all around the researches in contemporary literature is teen pregnancy which is why I will provide a basis of this issue with reference to its illustration through modern art. Different beliefs are held by different people; similarly various researches show various results. Hence, for the clarification of the causes and measures for the solution of this issue, all sides have been provided and presented objectively for the formulation of the readers own opinion. As the viewpoints provided are completely valid and applicable, thus this paper provides a study reference for the elimination or decrease in the problem of teen pregnancy from the society and improving the public health sector. Allen, Joseph P., Philliber, Susan, Herrling, Scott and Kuperminc, Gabriel P. â€Å"Preventing teen Pregnancy and Academic Failure: Experimental Evaluation of a Developmentally Based Approach† Child Development 68.4 (2006): 729–742. Print. The psychological reference of this work to various social and personal issues of public health is known well. The entire article puts forth the importance of social development in high school students and the scholars suggest that both teachers and parents are well aware of the practice. This article also points out the difficulty that students and teachers face in trying to implement the broad developmental tasks. According to the approach and estimates provided on page 290 of this book, it has been elucidated that the increase in the early pregnancy is among the two most troubling trends in our society. It is suggested that there is a link between the process of childbearing of the mother and that of their daughters. As compared to the above study, this book suggests various

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