Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Doea 'informal social control' have any part in explaining the Essay

Doea 'informal social control' have any part in explaining the differential rates of male and female offending - Essay Example The culture is the most dominant factor that has significant impact on the perceived roles of men and women. ‘Boys will be boys’ the famous adage is a prime example of communication behaviour that is appropriate for boys but which would not be suitable for girls. â€Å"women experience linguistic discrimination in two ways: in the way they are taught to use language, and in the way general language usage treats them† (Lakoff). It makes it easier for men to commit crime than women. The religiosity of a particular strata of society or the social structure of that region, contribute to the way people respond towards socially relevant issues and gender inequality. The socio-economical environment and political leanings promote orthodoxy and fanaticism. Patriarchal society endorses male domination that deliberately cast women in the inferior roles and restricts their personal and social development to compete with their counterparts on equal terms. Women, especially in the current time, adopt ways and means to exhibit their independence and empowerment through actions that sometimes border in criminal activities. It is one the reason that explains criminal activities amongst women. According to national statistics, ‘men commit more crimes than women. In 2004, male offenders in England and Wales outnumbered female offenders by more than four to one’ (BCS1, 2004). The survey showed that in all the major crime categories, men out numbered women in committing the crime but it is a distressing fact that the women remained the main target or victims of the crime. It will not be incorrect to say that despite the advancement made in almost all areas of life, the women remain vulnerable target of socio-cultural values. There are various means through which persons imbibe the values that they carry all through their life. Some of them may be through the

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