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Analysis of Neoclassical and Romantic Art Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Analysis of Neoclassical and Romantic Art - Essay ExampleHe mostly worked with historical paintings and portraits. Portrait of Colonel Guy Johnson represents the British commissioner of Indian personal matters in the Ameri ordure colony. Next to him is represented a figure with the peace pipe in his hand, contrast to the Englishman, holding a gun. In the background we can see a large waterfall, Niagara. In the picture, the figure of the colonel is highlighted, while the aborigine is hidden in the shadow. In this way, the painter contrasts illuminated mind to the civilization located in the darkness of ignorance culture. In general two pictures represent the spirit of antiquity. Visions of Antiquity broadens our understanding of neoclassicism. (Pagel, D., 1993).The picture of Francisco Goya is definitely a representation of wild-eyed Art. In Romantic art, naturewith its uncontrollable power, unpredictability, and potential for cataclysmic extremesoffered an alternative to the sen ded world of Enlightenment thought. (Galitz, K. C., 2000). Comparing two pictures, we can see that they atomic number 18 performed in the same color pattern. The authors mostly use dark background and light items of closing in order to highlight the personalities. In terms of shape, both pictures are presented in two dimensional areas, separating the images of the characters from the surrounding world by the invisible boundaries. Talking about space, the authors used the method of overlap in order to make people on the pictures closer to the viewer. Taking into consideration the art principles, it is necessary to state that the elements of graphic design are expressed in a united and harmonious way. The balance is revealed through the proportional placement of the main elements. The dominance is created by means of the contrasting figures on the first place and the elements behind.Pagel, G. artwork REVIEW A Progressive Definition of Neoclassicism in Visions LACMAs

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