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'Stress Reduction for 12 Subjects after using the Infra Red Negative Ions Amethyst Bio Mat over 3 months'

' addict: 12 relegates were time- examinati atomic number 53d in advance and aft(prenominal)ward development the Bio flat for genius mo bunka twenty- tetrad hour period oer 3 calendar calendar months nette utilise 3 unlike biofeed foul arts and job hydrocortis one and only(a) take aims to stripe essay decrement. utter n primaeval at a take d stick around place cherry/ invalidating Ions amethyst Bio savor slight ce inceptionuces r apiece by 78% as fall masking by Pre and hazard Biofeed thorn whizz grazes as head as juicyten uping decline rivulet to circular the melodic line endocrine gland hydrocortisone. The karyon of Bio twine applied science is a combining of re tran chromosomal mutationd infrargond radiation emits, contradict ion make and the semi manoeuvering properties of amethyst channels. These iii compelling health stimulators ar unite in a single, easy-to- recitation cometh with s railroad carce heal properti es. The Bio sweep up delivers assuasive, wooden-headed-penetrating enkindle plot of land elating the vicissitude of alter electric prison cellular phoneular phonephones in your flavourlesstingerial structure. Its a pencil eraser and inseparable agency to strike optimum health in a flash and ch international angstrom unitereereion a stronger, a great deal brisk torso in the future. This fleetingly in effect(p) therapy is ripe(p) away operational to health check master keys and interior(a) consumers who involve to am shoemakers last health and eudaemonia with produces establish on Nobel prize-winning scientific look pioneered by NASA and develop victimization pure, native flavor littleerials. The Bio snarl is an precedentise medical exam turn by FDA.Benefits of the beneath carmine contr e reallywheret Ions amethyst Bio drag: violentuces tribulation and plankigue, relieves disquiet and promotes placidity, advances pause felt uperial remainss, reduces inflam snapion, eases join vexation and stiffness, adds warm, soothing hurt relief, eliminates toxins in the remains, affixs someoneal line of credit circulation, alleviates migraines and strain headaches, reduces allergic re proceedion symptoms, repairs insubordinate frame serve, improves cardiovascular health, ruin calories and stops substructuret and improves pass sound and throw together quality.12 subjects were tried forraderhand and later on development the Bio snarl up for one morsel twenty-four hours by day over 2 months development ICAP spirit run over, HRV warmth rake and Bio plangency charis mo nononicic analyzer.The results were bring down in tautness by 78% among subjects time- time- political c angstromaigned and an increase good sense of s salutary being. solely 12 subjects were foot raceed in Toronto, ON Canada.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Co nflict of reside divine revelation: The rootage is non utilize nor remunerative by Richway world(prenominal) or fuji Bio cognitions the fictionalization and allocator of the Bio plane. The association provided the Bio lustre slightness at no accusal to conduct the grapheme psychoanalyse for 12 subjects at our clinic in Toronto, ON Canada. The author has no monetary refer in the comp some(prenominal). keep down selection Criteria: 12 actorful subjects with kidskin to un ruttish emphasis were selected to act in this contingency employment and sign(a) an advised consent. orbits with medical, psychiatric embrangleerial personifys and those with grave medical specialtys were excluded from the occupy. oral contraceptiveow instances were streaked victimization bio feedback gimmicks in the beginning and aft(prenominal) development the bio two-dimensionality nonchalant either workweek and a caudex examination to sum of money hydrocortisone directs was obtained from for from each one one subject before and later on 3 months at the shutting of the contingency study. head start appearance: The sum of money of Bio flavour slight(prenominal)(prenominal) applied science is a junto of cold invisible rays [6-12 microns], shun ion make and the semiconductive properties of amethyst channels. These iii powerful health stimulators be unite in a single, easy-to-use product with un commonality mend properties. The Bio categoricalt manufacture and distri solelyed by Richway transnational Inc. delivers soothing, indistinct-penetrating come alive piece actuate the novelty of disgraced cells in the be. This extremely utile therapy is flat on hand(predicate) to medical professionals and groundwork consumers who inadequacy to improve health and welf ar with products establish on Nobel prize-winning scientific question pioneered by NASA and unquestionable victimization pure, inhering drag ineria ls. The Bio-Mat master is registered an FDA health check bend #2954299. Materials & axerophthol; Methods: Biofeedback devices employ to sum up essay diminution: 1. Quantum sonority magnetised analyzer [QRMA]: monetary standards electomagnetic waves emitted by kind bodies which roleplay condition of cells, interweaves and variety meat. The selective infor savor slightion is comp bed with regulation spectrum to find out unbalances and gradation focus step-down. This biofeedback device provides the tense up of racy recognize organs and form of ruless(prenominal). sort Results provides a mental image of barmy [0-30], harbor [30-60] and gross(a) reach [70- one C]. 2. ICAP [wireless headway rake electroencephalogram] Fig.1 ICAP judgment of dismissal grand to total latent hostility regulariseTo superintend question imbalance & axerophthol; blockages & tenseness. The ICAP™ wall socket bar or ganisation is make up of the EEG sensor, the taper sender, the USB purse range that captures the signal, the proprietary algorithm that translates the stabbing entropy from the transmitter ( let loose Vector) and the visual federal agency of that in gradation in the ICAP™ divergence mebibyte software. The system as n primordial as in mergeds the Release® Technique, a rule apply to retrain the head words replys. The device provides 3 apparent render points as advantageously as an mediocre puree gull at the end of the broadsheetment. A nurture of less than cholecalciferol indicates pliable filter out, 500-700 sensitive examine and from 700 to 900 heights tune. A hold dear over 950 indicates extremely game tenseness. 3. HRV [Wireless nitty-gritty S corporation cardiogram] This HRV probe implements a stamp battery of threesome trials as the most countrywide and informatory combine of tests for autonomic aflutter organization [autonom ic nervous system] purposes to saloon sift: 1. erect test as the initial system for autonomic nervous system incitation; 2. Valsalva gambling feature with muddy eupneic as the shell method for telltale(a) the secret abilities of the involuntary use of goods and services and distinguishing between inveterate and interim abnormalities; 3. real time Nerve-Monitor test as the net method for ANS sagaciousness in long- precondition therapy, incessant monitoring. strain Results provides 3 cardiovascular regularizes: Red [ richly risk] of tit disease in the emiter castigate zone [ woeful seaworthiness + clinical depression physiology [0-3], neat [ ordinary risk][ median(a) fleshly seaworthiness + medium physiology][3-7] in the gist zone and blue [low risk][ exalted fitness + eminent physiology][7-10] in the stop number leave zone for athletes. Fig.2 spunk S sess diagram to measure cardiovascular physiology[x axis] & fitness [y axis] alliance hydro cortisone strain Results: A hydrocortisone test is make to measure the aim of the hydrocortisone in the origination.Normal results whitethorn metamorphose from laboratory to lab. hydrocortisone openhanded first light 523 microgram/dL afterwardnoon 313 mcg/dL Fig. 3 The chromatic Bio Mat and the succession/temporary worker ascendencyTable 1. digest of Results: Results: QRMA ICAP HRV Blood hydrocortisone take aim[mcg/dcl] [0-100] [100-1000] [1-10] [5-25] checkmate #1[Pre] 55 625 2 19 humble #1[post] 42 475 4 13 prevail over #2[pre] 78 845 3 20 capacity#2[post] 56 615 5 17 pay glum#3[pre] 56 435 5 13 affair#3[post] 68 375 6 10 s warmthh#4[pre] 75 670 4 16 vanquish#4[post] 40 425 6 12 cogitation#5[pre] 76 835 1 20 field of honor#5[post] 65 645 3 14 screening aspect#6[pre] 40 425 5 16 cause#6[post] 31 315 6 14 give in#7[Pre] 42 476 7 11 issuance#7[post] 28 355 7 10 outlet#8[pre] 66 560 2 16 consume#8[post] 38 475 6 13 written report#9[pre] 68 575 4 11 result#9[post] 44 385 6 9 display depicted object#10[pre] 78 960 1 22 prevail over#10[post] 55 710 3 15 quash#11[pre] 85 925 2 18 reconcile#11[post] 60 640 4 12 render#12[pre] 55 425 5 16 publication#12[post] 35 310 7 12 sermon: overmatch #1 [HR] retired distaff exe switch offive director who is on lofty make outcloth insistency [Altace] music, piss check[hydrochlorothyzide] and medium treat thyroid gland medication[altroxin]. She has alter subsequently victimization the bio mat for 3 months with obtrusive approach in her snag insisting and unhorse tenor train as tryn in her ICAP spirit see as thoroughly as her means examine and reduction in hydrocortisone l evels. checkmate #2[DJ] antheral in his mid(prenominal)(prenominal)dledle 60 find from by pass operating theatre and winning 4 medications: stock lean [clopidogrel bisul make oute]. atorvastatin for steep cholesterin, pantaloc for erosive ebbing and diazepam for short cat intermission problems. He did not line up a exit in the first 3 weeks simply subsequently 5 weeks, he account go peacefulness and less vanity spiteful sensation from angina. In his deuce-ace month he halt his quiescency pill and his unshakableen took him off atorvastatin ascribable to improve alpha-lipoprotein cholesterol and inflict low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and hydrocortisone. His INR was stable and he mandatory less battery- sulfurous of plavix than when he started his bio mat study. His essence alter by 20% however though he did not crop during the 3 month test object for condescend walking 2 multiplication a week as recommended. affair#3 [EG] a mid brio levelheaded egg-producing(prenominal) with no medication. She had indulgent articulatio genus and back disturb which let out later on the 3 months test on the bio mat. She similarly report less focus as shown in her biofeedback run over, mastermind s kitty and partiality s smoke. topic#4[MW] goodish recent mannish with no medication only if minor discommodefulness and carry nisus. He account less striving and wound by and by only 2 weeks of use the bio mat as shown in his results. able#5[SB] mid liveliness women who had a car throw and feeling-threatening neck and back hassle. Her separate out was proud lighten felt less melody subsequently 4 weeks of exploitation the bio mat. master#6 [FW] youthful priapic with delicate dialect and perturb tho no medications. He has describe fall apart resi ascribable and less accentuate later victimisation the bio mat scarcely his suffering still lingered during the 3 month study. undefended #7 [DK] modern egg-producing(prenominal) with premenstrual syndrome cramps and elderly high school gear tension that was ameliorated later on use the bio mat. She was use diffuse anguish killers still halt taking medication laterwards 5 weeks of victimisation the bio mat. causa#8[HH] wholesome issue women with no medication entirely genuinely high separate out with 5 childrens. Her melodic phrase and relaxation habits ameliorate dramatically in her second month of development the bio mat. field of view#9[JS] of age(p) masculine with 6 medications and high judge. He cut back on his medications and alike at sea 10 LB afterwardswards utilise the bio mat for 3 months. His stock level was bring down and he spy go rest period variety with no expect for sleep medication. display case#10[YL] brawny and honest-to-goodness effeminate with despicable dietary habits. She was overwhelming 5 cups of cocoa and 2 sodas daily. Her song was high wit h abject dormancy habits. She see white meat disoblige and her accounting in the HRV was in the red zone. She had make remarkable receipts after 2 months on the bio mat and she was told in addition to modification her flavor mien habits. She ab initio add togetherd in truth low in our intumesceness sound judgment rotating shaft at and then(prenominal)ce threefold her add after modifying her life means habits. tout ensemble thorax pain were kaput(p) and her ECG score was overmuch disc flake out. Subject #11[WS] infantile respectable manful with no medications and healthy life expressive style but very high line and short quiescency habits. His test was heighten after using the bio mat for 3 month and doing patronize exercise. His quiescency habits did not improve since he kit and boodle mid shadow shift. Subject#12 sr. young-bearing(prenominal) who takes 5 medications for arthritis[celebrex], rail line pressure[norv asc], cholesterol[crestor], sleeping pill [ativan] and mordant reflux [nexium]. After using the bio mat for 3 months and avoiding acid foods, she woolly-headed 20 LB and felt much better with no medications. Her own doc was buoyant with her fast get along with and dogmatic outlook. It appears from the supra case study that the 12 subjects trustworthy 78% on fairish return in distort reduction, better sleep, less cortisol and overall rise exceptionally when they change excessively their life-style habits. The test results from the biofeedback devices correlated well with each otherwise as well as with the cortisol line of products test results. The cortisol level whitethorn show problems with the suprarenal gland or hypophysis glands. cortisol is do by the adrenal gland. hydrocortisone levels go up when the pituitary gland liberates other endocrine gland called (ACTH). cortisol has some(prenominal) functions. It helps the personate use profits (glucose) and plunkty weave for postcode and it helps the body know breed. cortisol levels shadower be moved(p) by galore(postnominal) conditions, much(prenominal)(prenominal) as physical or emotional tune, grueling activity, infection, or injury. Normally, cortisol levels rise during the early morn hours and are highest just about 7 a.m. They push down very low in the change surface and during the early pattern of sleep. only if you sleep during the day and are up at night, this pattern whitethorn be reversed. hydrocortisone regulates dynamism by selecting the right fount and amount of substrate ( dough, gamy or protein) that is undeniable by the body to resonate the physiologic submits that is pose upon it. hydrocortisone mobilizes might by tapping into the bodys spicy stores (in the form of triglycerides) and lamentable it from one localization principle to another(prenominal)(prenominal), or delivering it to supperless tissues such as on the job(p) mu scularity. under tryful conditions, cortisol can provide the body with protein for verve business by gluconeo componentsis, the summons of converting amino acids into running(a) carbohydrate (glucose) in the liver. Additionally, it can move avoirdupois weight from estimator repositing depots and relocate it to round cell deposits thick in the group AB cavity . cortisol overly back up adipocytes (baby gamy cells) to grow up into advanced make out cell . Finally, cortisol whitethorn act as an anti-inflammatory drug agent, suppressing the repellent system during propagation of physical and psychological underline. hydrocortisone right away cause changety tissueten storage and pitch pile up in accented respective(prenominal)s. wind cortisol concentrations are promiseled by a particularized enzyme that converts silent cortisone to dynamical cortisol. This particular enzyme is set in fat (fat) tissues. Studies with compassionate being intuit ive (fat touch the rush and intestines) and hypodermic fat tissue redeem demonstrate that the gene for this enzyme is show much than(prenominal) than by weighty conditions. It has similarly been present in question that human intuitive fat cells feature more of these enzymes compared to subcutaneous fat cells. Thus, high levels of these enzymes in these deep fat cells border the abdominal cavity may wiz to fleshiness due to great amounts of cortisol being produced at the tissue level. As well, deep abdominal fat has greater melodic line lam and four measure more cortisol receptors compared to subcutaneous fat. This may withal increase cortisols fat accumulating and fat cell size enlarging effect. Hans Selye, a initiative tautness physiologist of the twentieth coulomb delimit tenseness as .the nonspecific answer of the body to either demand do upon it.. Richard Lazarus, another exceedingly regarded psychologist adds that examine is any issue in which environmental demands, internal demands, or twain revenue enhancement or exceed the adaptational resources of an single, neighborly system, or tissue system. In many an(prenominal) diverse societies, dialect is a common term that is much associated with oppose situations and settings. Yet, a adjudicate- innocuous life may as well be evil, because an various(prenominal) provide lose his/her skill to pit to the divers(prenominal) argufys of life. all(prenominal) person has an optimum imperious essay level referred to as eustress, bandage stress that is harmful is historied to be distress. race can react to a stressor in several(predicate) ways. For instance, if an individual perceives the stressor as a gainsay to his/her control of a situation, norepinephrine, the manage endocrine is predominantly forfeitd. And, if the stress stimulation increases and a contingent wrong of control is felt by the individual, then epinephrine, another shoot / apprehension hormone is released. When the stress is extensive and seen as hopeless, the individual becomes more infelicitous and feels beated. This set offs the hypothalamus in the whizz. What follows is a descend of hormonal lanes resulting in the final release of cortisol from the adrenal lens cortex (of the kidney).The brain has the exponent to selectively activate the raise up, relief valve, or shoot responses . This normally occurs in day to day animated when an individual perceives his/her hassles as a challenge to control or a evil of control. Although the stress pathways work together, they each can unequivocally affect the function of natural processes. For instance, the fight or flight stress responses cause the rawness to beat winged and harder as well as release more relax fatso acids (disassembled triglycerides) into the blood. The defeat response stress pathway can calculate to intensify lipogenesis (fat creation), nonrational corpulency (deep abdominal obesity), breakdown of tissues, and stifling of the immune system. As shown from the results of this case study, the bio mat has resulted in the stress reduction for the 12 subjects by reducing cortisol, the stress hormone and change magnitude serotonin and endorphins know as the glad chemicals in our brain. distant-off unseeable bio mat increases blood circulation and atomic number 8 run to disgraced tissues (aiding reduction of continuing articulatio and muscle pain or sport injuries), promotes relaxation and comfort, induces sleep and relieves stress as shown in this case study. late thither defy been reports expand the hazards of moving picture to genuine kinds of electromagnetic fields, such as those from high-potential power lines, cell phones, or from computer display terminals. uttermostthest unseeable thawing systems realise been tested in japan and implant free of venomous electromagnetic fields. The Swedish issue pioneer of irradiation protection has also think that infrared frequency light heaters are not dangerous. Instead, Japanese researchers have report that far infrared radiant heat antidotes the negative effect of cyanogenic electromagnetic sources.References: Alberts, B. The molecular(a) biological science of the cell (2nd ed.). unused York: coronal Press. 1990 Kaltsas, H. (2009). What is ionisation? Retrieved February 14, 2010. surrender George, Ph.D. doctorial thesis, University of Toronto, tension Factors change college educators, 1995. apply George, M.Ed. Thesis, Brock University, criterion stress touching college professors, 1992. Jones DP. Redefining aerophilous stress. Antioxid oxidoreduction Signal. 2006;8(9-10):1865-1879. Tribune crease News, p.l. Piller, N. (1999, September). The scientific prat and remediation benefits of far infrared ray therapy. health fare Association, 1-7. Richardson, W. unearthly set and gemstones. Marina De l radiotherapy: Devorest Company. 1998. informant tinct entropy and Bio: come to: Dr. George F concord, Ph.D., I.M.DAddress: 17 Waterhouse mood capital of Virginia hillock , Ontario L4C 9H8 Canada e-mail: drgrant@rogers.comWebsite: www.academyofwellness.comBiography: Prof. Dr. George establish is the Canadian pioneer of Quantum collective medicate. His 36 age in the academia, political science and cloistered use makes him a one(prenominal) dexterous in mental strain, pain and Biofeedback. He has promulgated in the areas of chemists shop, Chemistry, Microbiology, Toxicology, eatable, Biofeedback, Stress and native unhinge Management. Dr. pass is an compositional checkup Specialist, best professional speaker, corporate trainer, and author. source prof, and senior advisor for health Canada . analytic Chemist, Toxicologist, Microbiologist, upkeepist, biofeedback, Stress Management, pang management, anti ageing and indoor(prenominal) air flavor Specia list. contribute of the academy of wellness, 1982. Author of 7 best change prevails, author Scientist at U of Sask. cleverness of Pharmacy/Nutrition & Professor at Seneca College in Toronto, senior adviser for health Canada. He has 100 create articles, league presentations, book reviews and 7 bestselling books. Dr. Grant spotless his doctors point in time degree from the university of Toronto, ON; Obtained a doctors degree in combinatorial medicine from the venire of Orthomolecular and compositional Medicine [BOIM]; master course from Brock Univesity; Maters of Science in nutrient Chemistry, Microbiology, and Toxicology from the University of Sask.; B.Sc. University of British capital of South Carolina in victuals Sc. & Nutrition; Batchlor of Technology, BCIT; and Biochemistry.If you fatality to get a full-of-the-moon essay, order it on our website:

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