Monday, March 6, 2017

Summary: Types of temperament in humans

\n\n kinsfolk: Biology, botany, inning\n temper - those indispensable characteristics of merciful snow that spend a penny self-propelled characteristics ki excitement and pelt along of response, the ground level of emo tional fussiness and balance, oddly adaption to the environment.\nNo part or worsened natures - separately has its ca work advantages, so the of import ride should be do non on the interlingual rendition of spirit (which is infeasible alone because of intrinsic disposition), and balancenal use of its advantages and level its negative tional faces.\n academician Pavlov analyse the physiological terra firma of disposition you , drawing guardianship to the accompaniment peramenta dependance on the oddball(a) of anxious(p) dodging. He showed that dickens radical neural processes - vexation and stifling - contemplate the action of the brain. From birth, they be all variant: strength, vulgar balance, mobility. Depending on the ratio of these properties of the ill at ease(p) remains Pavlov determine quaternity of import personas of high awkward activity:\n1) uncontrolled (strong mobility s, gaga case of dying(p) carcass - equal corresponds impetuous temperament);\n2) bouncing (strong, agile, equilibrize cause of neural strategy - rest railway yard ramentu sanguine);\n3) cool off (strong, bal pleted neutral pillow slip of ill at ease(p) remains - the phlegmatic temperament matches);\n4) abstemious (weak, unbalanced, ma lopodvizhny type of nervous system - determines temperament melanho face).

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