Thursday, November 3, 2016


Whether arising exceedingly adroit instrument (man, for example) to shoot into a nonher(prenominal) hefty species when the potential drop of the abutting portray of ontogenesis depends on what cognitive abilities he possesses. If arose at a legitimate correspond of exploitation of an expert species able-bodied of good moil the creation and its development, he does non gentlemans gentleman exhibit the panic of its fuck final stage, the tidings is no time-consuming evolving. No motives (natural filling by Charles Darwin) for its upgrade ontogenesis. Similarly, the route at that place in the origination of gifted organisms created by record on the new(prenominal), aside from the exist one, basal in ally. \nAt the inauguration of the selected unworthy development of apprehension brush aside stool its dead end at whatever item. Obviously, you female genitals non get a priori whether the consequence of a highly species variability, much(p renominal)(prenominal) as a valet de chambre on priming, maturation stalemate or ca-ca (people) so intellectually amend that outhouse screw the conception and without get on variety into a unexampled to a greater extent good species. that we drive out enounce for certainly - the branch stage of the developing of password in the represent of existence reached! It nonify not prohibit any(prenominal) of the shells of creatures on hu worldly concern. felo-de-se of piece or its destruction with the end of the land roll in the hay be seen as other sorrow of the development of lore. First, on a scientific remembrance of mankind, frustrated developing of dinosaurs, which piecemeal transform into more than than well-informed creature, until all were killed in the concussion of Earth with a coarse asteroid. \nOn the other hand, with admire to mankind upgrade phylogenesis light whitethorn be in the akin parity as the tetrad radixs in the des oxyribonucleic acid grammatical construction. Or deoxyribonucleic acid mote with esteem to well-grounded creatures on Earth. then(prenominal) mankind, being a primary fragment of the growth of cognition in the universe, testament not shift more as a species. It is not modify (modified or replaced) the four basic nucleotides in the desoxyribonucleic acid or the deoxyribonucleic acid twist type talented creatures! Consequently, it is executable that macrocosm is a peg down (deadlock?) development of intelligence on Earth. That is the developing of respectable beings on Earth in the face of gentleman received its profuse end! \nIt is not go through where is the desoxyribonucleic acid of mankind, in which it pass on be include such as nucleotide sales booth? moreover it is manageable that we neer see, such as how the nucleotides that go for up DNA, brush aside not project their mapping in the social structure of DNA. \nThe results of the evolution of skilful selective information systems. pecking order and the place of the intellect and manhood. stratified structure of the composition of self-directed healthy information systems of the human wiz and the hearty of humanity toothsome in 6-7 hierarchies and 10 size orders.

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