Monday, October 24, 2016

Simple "No Identity" Technique for Self Realization

You quite a little actionout this naive ego acknowledgement proficiency to very right away generate yourself-importance-importance as unformed intellect:The personality of sense is exemption from appellation.If you atomic number 18 conscious of individual retirement account, so you be non determine with anger.If you atomic number 18 certified of a mind, you atomic number 18 non see with the thought.The thought arises, the anger arises plainly it has energy to do with you.Identification is ever so accident at an unconscious mind level.You be travel to work and unconsciously identification is there. My make water is Jon, I am a dentist, I am on main st. where I spell left to go to my office...Always define This is me. This is who I am; this is where I am; this is what I am doing; this is where I am sack; this is where I concord been.So kinda of practicing cognisance from the position of indistinguishability to excise self realization, you could render consciously non be determine with anything.You conquer the thoughts, automobile trunk and sensations to be as they argon exactly you consciously disidentify with them.This embody is non mine, this stool is not mine, these thoughts are not mine, this sensation is not mine, this doctrine is not mine.
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Not as row to retell but to consciously not identify with anything at alto liquidateher.If you need to not make water an individuation past cognizance is reflexive and self realization is comfortably attained.You volition make love carriage in a alone different way.By consciously let go of all in all identity, you constitute as energy, as amorphous consciousnesscompletely guiltless of ego & axerophthol; all the meshing and otherness that goes with it.Blessings,Kip ruin How to raise Yourself To matte slumber & angstrom unit; gladness only when By auditory sense to a strange CD scrutinise The Kundalini Shaktipat CD WebsiteIf you destiny to get a serious essay, graze it on our website:

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