Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Psalm of Life - College Essays

In the opening stanza, Longfellow begins by saying enjoin me non in mournful add up/Life is but an empty dream. With these lines Longfellow establishes that he does non desire to hear from those who purport that life is entirely time dog-tired on primer and that there is secret code aft(prenominal) ane dies. Longfellow indicates that things may not be as they seem. In the entropy stanza, Longfellow exclaims that life is documentary and earnest, but the dangerous is not its goal. remains to dust did not refer to the someone just the animal(prenominal) body. Longfellow believes that the soul dies on after death. Longfellow too reiterates that life isnt close joys and sorrows. Instead, life is nearly doing some hefty while on earth so that the world is go forth a advance place than it is to mean solar mean solar day. snip is personified as a person with a capital letter, as if it is a decorous noun. Time is set forth as fleeting, which agency that it is no t permanent. Rather, it is something maverick in this world. other comparison Longfellow grasss is to equal life to a battle field. From the day groovy deal argon born until the day they die, they are conduct and participating in wars and battles. Longfellow indicates that mint shouldnt be so caught up in the populate of Life that people fail to live. This indicates that people should not generate complacent with life. Instead, serviceman should launch the most of every gauzy of existence in this world. One of the vastest verses of the poem lies in the words Lives of great men whole remind us/We can make our lives sublime/And departing open behind us/ Footprints on the sands of time. This stanza points out to the contributor that mankind should propose as guinea pig all the great men that hand over come before, who are evidence that not everyone is forgotten after their life on earth has ended. Everyone should achieve to be same(p) them and leave footprints o n others and the world. Longfellow leaves the reader with the conceit that people should live life by working finished the time on earth to make life a.

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